Tuesday, April 15, 2014

With God All Things Are Possible


Well family, 

This week was good. I got a new companion and she is really awesome and kind. But on the first day she was with me guess what happened. I cut my finger bad enough to get stitches. Oops. We were in a lesson with a new investigator and she was really interested and liking our message and I went to tell about the first vision and reached for the pamphlet to show the picture of the first vision and I tipped the glass cup and it cut my pinkie. I think the glass broke in midair because I do not know how it broke. We went to a doctor and he checked my pinkie out and put 2 stitches in right there. Do not worry I was brave. And the doctor was really nice. He gave me the stitches for free! Tomorrow I am going to have them removed. 
The work is going on and I know with God all things are possible, but that does not mean that it is easy. But I know He will always help us. Oh and one of those ways is through general conference. That was beautiful for me this week. I love being a member of the only true church on the earth and what a blessing it is. I love you my dear family! 

Hermana Taylor

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