Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Am Trying To Be Like Jesus



I did have the opportunity to go to the women's conference and I was actually able to understand more! Not all of it, but more than at christmastime. Something I really liked was the focus on covenants and helping the youngins understand the meaning of this covenant. something simple that we can do is just remember Jesus Christ and the phrase I am trying to be like Jesus. I believe if we remember this more throughout the day we can find the strength and peace that we need. 
Oh and this week we had a reference from a member and we knocked on the door and Karen answered. She is 15 and her father is less active in the church. She is so excited about the Gospel and her dad is really happy that we are visiting with her. She really likes learning about the Gospel and she has a baptismal date for May 3rd and she came to church yesterday and really like it so we are really excited for her! The Lord is in the details. 
You are all the best and I love you tons! 

Hermana Taylor

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