Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Only $3.00


Hola Family!

To start things off - I got a haircut. And lets just say that it got cut a lot. But the good thing is that it cost less than $3 and that it will grow back and least that is the hope. 

Also this week was good!! We have a few investigators that are progressing and enjoying the church. We had 4 in sacrament meeting yesterday and it was wonderful. Also we got a reference from one of our investigators whose name is Julia. She told us to visit her niece Juana. And when we got to her house her husband Chano was there too. He told us that he had watched us walk by a million times and he would ask his wife - why don't they come talk to me!? He has wanted to talk to us for a long time and he was just so happy that we finally came to his house. He is so excited and we had a activity for father's day this last thursday and he went to that too! He is great and his wife also. 

We also visited with less active member and she is great and came to church yesterday. Sometimes people just need to be invited to do things and feel loved. Feel like someone is thinking of them and how they are doing. So I encourage you if you have a thought to reach out to someone through text or a phone call DO IT! You might just be that little bit of love they needed that day. 

Also this week I found out that my zone leader who is also a missionary in the ward I am in lived in Helaman Halls the same time we did! we as in karlie and I. It is a very small world in the church. 

Well that is about it this week! I love you all so much and pray for you a lot. Keep being the wonderful human beings you are! 

Love Hermana Taylor



Hola Familia!! 

This week was good! We had a lot of support from different members and I finding lots of new people to teach. We actually found this week less-active members that we did not know were less active. Obed is 22 and was baptized when he was really young and does not really remember anything but is really open to learn again. ANd then we found Benito and Josefa who are also members but are less active. And they are so excited to learn about the ]Gospel again. And can I just tell you that through referencias (I do not remember the word in english, references? it is when someone tells us, the missionaries, of someone that we can teach) anyways, through references from members we are finding a lot of people to teach. Members are so important in the work of the Lord and also it is important to magnify callings that are given to us. All of these things are to help everyone feel the love of God and feel that someone cares about them. I do not really have much more time. But this week was good! Oh! quick story. on Saturday we went to the relief society presidents house because we had a cita (an appointment) with her, but I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I ran to her bathroom. I reached for the toilet paper role and guess what was inside, a little lizard!!!!!! it jumped out and ran away. I did not scream but I was a little shocked and I thought "only in mexico" it made me smile. Anyways love you fam!!! Glad to hear you are all doing so well and thank you so so much for your emails!! 

Hermana Taylor

So Hot!!!


Hello Family! 

This week was good and so so hot! Normally I am always glistening with sweat. It makes me laugh. Right now we are working on finding new people to teach and it has been good and we also had a neat experience this week with someone that drives the little cars called "motos" that are like a mini taxi. We introduced ourselves and gave him pass along card of the temple. he told us that he was a member of the church but has not gone to church for a very long time. He is only 22 years and his name is Obed. And something he asked us was how can families be together forever? We found him again yesterday in his house and had the opportunity to explain the Plan of Salvation with him again. He does not remember hardly anything about his baptism but wants to learn again what he once knew. I am excited for him. Also in thinking about this it is the same for all of us. Before this life we knew the plan of God for us but we came here without knowing anything and we have the opportunity to learn again somethings we once knew. What a blessing to have the Gospel in our lives!! To remember that God does love us and he truly has a plan for us. Each and every one. Well my family that is really all I have for this week. Thanks for writing me! Enjoy the summertime!!! Love you all so so so so much! 
Love ya!
Hermana Taylor 

Taco Taco



I do not have a lot of time because I was enjoying your letters too much. Thank you for writing me!

This week was busy. We are searching for new people to teach. One experience: We were walking in the street and I had the thought to talk to this man that was sitting on the sidewalk and he is so awesome, but he does not live here which made us kind of sad, but we talked about lots of the Gospel and he was so receptive and everything. At the end of the conversation he told us that he had been sitting there waiting and wondering what to do when we showed up. The hand of God is in our lives every single day. And I just love this Gospel so much! Glad tidings of great joy that I get to share with all the people here in Mexico

and my favorite is that I get to be with all of you forever!!!!! Love you all so much!

Hermana Taylor

p.s. the picture is of a giant taco, or quesidilla, it has a name but I do not know how to write the word in spanish, but it was really good!



Hola Familia!
 Well my family, my new area is wonderful. I am in a branch. It is a small town and pretty calm. But wow it can get really hot. There are so many mango trees and mangos everywhere!!! I like mangos a lot and there are tons of different types. All delicious. My companion is Hermana Salazar and she is an angel. She has almost 4 months in her mission and is already a pro. She is from Mexico. Also her birthday was on Thursday and we ate so much cake and food we almost exploded. The members here are very sweet and fun. The pictures are of her birthday.

Also this week we had a conference with Elder Johnson of the 70. He talked about faith, escogidos which means people who are ready right now for the gospel, and the importance of the members in missionary work. It was so good!! And that day we were challenged to find an escogido and then call Presidente Cardenas and tell him the story (he is my mission president). And my companion and I found him! It was in the last hour of the day and we went to meet with one of our investigators la bodega de mangos but he was not there (p.s. I do not know how to say bodega in english). And a young man was there and asked us if we talked about God and we were like yes we do and we began to talk to him. His name is Juan (John) and his life has been pretty rough but he has recognized he needs to change. He told us he wants to be baptized when we invited him. He is almost 18 and he is just great. He came to church with us yesterday and we are just talking with him and very excited for his progress. please Pray for him to be strong.

I am almost out of time and have more I would like to tell you, maybe next week. I only want to say one more thing. In Mosiah2:41 It says to remember, remember that these things are true. For me this is what I learned: remember that the promises of God are real. Remember that we can be with our families forever. Remember that God is with us withersoever we go. Remember to pray because prayer has so much power. And Remember that I love you all so so so much!!! Have a great week!

Hermana Taylor