Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Taco Taco



I do not have a lot of time because I was enjoying your letters too much. Thank you for writing me!

This week was busy. We are searching for new people to teach. One experience: We were walking in the street and I had the thought to talk to this man that was sitting on the sidewalk and he is so awesome, but he does not live here which made us kind of sad, but we talked about lots of the Gospel and he was so receptive and everything. At the end of the conversation he told us that he had been sitting there waiting and wondering what to do when we showed up. The hand of God is in our lives every single day. And I just love this Gospel so much! Glad tidings of great joy that I get to share with all the people here in Mexico

and my favorite is that I get to be with all of you forever!!!!! Love you all so much!

Hermana Taylor

p.s. the picture is of a giant taco, or quesidilla, it has a name but I do not know how to write the word in spanish, but it was really good!

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