Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Hola Familia!
 Well my family, my new area is wonderful. I am in a branch. It is a small town and pretty calm. But wow it can get really hot. There are so many mango trees and mangos everywhere!!! I like mangos a lot and there are tons of different types. All delicious. My companion is Hermana Salazar and she is an angel. She has almost 4 months in her mission and is already a pro. She is from Mexico. Also her birthday was on Thursday and we ate so much cake and food we almost exploded. The members here are very sweet and fun. The pictures are of her birthday.

Also this week we had a conference with Elder Johnson of the 70. He talked about faith, escogidos which means people who are ready right now for the gospel, and the importance of the members in missionary work. It was so good!! And that day we were challenged to find an escogido and then call Presidente Cardenas and tell him the story (he is my mission president). And my companion and I found him! It was in the last hour of the day and we went to meet with one of our investigators la bodega de mangos but he was not there (p.s. I do not know how to say bodega in english). And a young man was there and asked us if we talked about God and we were like yes we do and we began to talk to him. His name is Juan (John) and his life has been pretty rough but he has recognized he needs to change. He told us he wants to be baptized when we invited him. He is almost 18 and he is just great. He came to church with us yesterday and we are just talking with him and very excited for his progress. please Pray for him to be strong.

I am almost out of time and have more I would like to tell you, maybe next week. I only want to say one more thing. In Mosiah2:41 It says to remember, remember that these things are true. For me this is what I learned: remember that the promises of God are real. Remember that we can be with our families forever. Remember that God is with us withersoever we go. Remember to pray because prayer has so much power. And Remember that I love you all so so so much!!! Have a great week!

Hermana Taylor

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