Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ya me voy!!


Wow! Family I do not have a lot of time because guess what! Today there is transfers and I am being transferred and I Ieave in one hour! Ah! I am kind of nervous but good. I have been in this area  6 months now and I have learned a lot. It is kinda sad to leave but where the Lord wants and needs me I will go. We are going to see what adventures will come in my new area. 

I love you all so so much! And now I have to go! hasta luego! 
Hermana Taylor

Buenas Tardes!


Hola my dear family! 

Karen got baptized this week!! She is golden. And this is her story: we found her through a referral of the Hermana Alvarez who is probably one of the greatest people I have met here in my mission and her family also. Anyways Karen, her dad is less active for a lot of time and her mom is not a member. We have been visiting with her this last month and she has been golden from the start. She just needed the mission talks and invited to baptism. And something more her whole family came to the baptism. Her cousins and everyone live in a different stake and almost all are members. It was so neat to see them all supporting karen. And then on Sunday was her confirmation and her mom and dad and sister came and they stayed the whole 3 hours! And Karen was so happy that they stayed and her mom is really interested and asked a lot of questions and really liked church! yes! 

Love you all! 
Hermana Taylor



My dear dear family,
This week went really well! We had 3 baptisms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am going to tell you the story of Jonathan. I believe this was all the way back in January, but near my house is a laundry mat of sorts and we passed by one day and decided to talk to the young man that was working there. We only got to see him twice because he only worked there for 4 days. We had taught him how to pray and gave him a Book of Mormon. But I always wonder what happens with these people we teach and then they disappear for some reason or another. Well this last Sunday, not yesterday but one week ago, I saw this young kid in our ward and I was like I know who that is, but why do I know him? Well it was Jonathan!! The elders had been teaching him, but it turns out Jonathan lives in my area so we finished teaching him and he was baptized this last Saturday! Woohoo!!! He is a really good kid. But this experience was so cool! I was glad he was found again. The other 2 are brother and sister and it has been a miracle to see them progress. Marian always wanted to be baptized, but her little brother not so much. But he told us this last week that he wanted to be baptized with his sister. I am glad the Lord touched his heart. Oh and my companion is taller than most other me. She is really nice. I gave my first talk yesterday in my ward - wow after speaking spanish solo for 10 minutes straight my brain was really tired. I think it went well. 

I love you all so much!!!! Enjoy you week and remember that God loves you!! Always and forever. 
hermana Taylor 



My dear family!!! 
Well we had a pretty neat experience this week my companion and I. We visited one of our investigators that I have not seen since a long time. Her sister was there too and the son of her sister is a member of the church. We gave the first lesson about the Restoration and explained the Book of Mormon and total. And the sister said that she did not know that we believe in the bible and the book of mormon. That they support one another. And she understood!!!! It always makes me happy when investigators understand. And she also gave the prayer at the end of the lesson and began to cry. It was a sweet experience. I believe they will progress quickly. 
Well that is all I have time for!!! I love you all so much!!