Thursday, May 15, 2014



My dear dear family,
This week went really well! We had 3 baptisms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am going to tell you the story of Jonathan. I believe this was all the way back in January, but near my house is a laundry mat of sorts and we passed by one day and decided to talk to the young man that was working there. We only got to see him twice because he only worked there for 4 days. We had taught him how to pray and gave him a Book of Mormon. But I always wonder what happens with these people we teach and then they disappear for some reason or another. Well this last Sunday, not yesterday but one week ago, I saw this young kid in our ward and I was like I know who that is, but why do I know him? Well it was Jonathan!! The elders had been teaching him, but it turns out Jonathan lives in my area so we finished teaching him and he was baptized this last Saturday! Woohoo!!! He is a really good kid. But this experience was so cool! I was glad he was found again. The other 2 are brother and sister and it has been a miracle to see them progress. Marian always wanted to be baptized, but her little brother not so much. But he told us this last week that he wanted to be baptized with his sister. I am glad the Lord touched his heart. Oh and my companion is taller than most other me. She is really nice. I gave my first talk yesterday in my ward - wow after speaking spanish solo for 10 minutes straight my brain was really tired. I think it went well. 

I love you all so much!!!! Enjoy you week and remember that God loves you!! Always and forever. 
hermana Taylor 

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