Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This week was a little crazy, but great!!!!


Hi Fam!!!! 

This week was a little crazy but great!!!! We were able to pull off with muchas tender mercies from the Lord 2 baptisms!!! They are brothers 11 and 8 years old and super awesome. We saw a great miracle this week with their mom who is not a member. She told us the last week that she was okay with one son being baptized but the other was not ready yet in her eyes. This made us really sad BUT we kept praying. And then we passed by there house on Thursday and she came out where we were talking with her sons and asked if her one son was ready for his baptism and we said yes! And then she thought for a second and said, Is my other son ready? and we're like Yes!!!! We just need your permission and she said Okay, why not both at the same time? We did not expect that. We almost passed out and fell to the floor. It was so awesome!!! So we had a beautiful baptismal service for both of them this last saturday and their mom really liked it. And the boys are just so happy! So awesome! 
Well that is about it for this week!!! Love you all so much!!! Have a fantastic week and be safe!!
Love Hermana Taylor

We had a car wash so that people could get to know the church like an open house while they waited for their car to be washed. It was good :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

This Magnificent Truth!


Hi fam! 

Well this week was a bit crazy but I just want to share with you all something that I learned this week that was quite powerful for me. I was studying in Moroni and I cannot remember right now exactly what chapter o yeah chapter 7 and it says if we do not have faith in Christ then it is like He never performed the Atonement for us. Can you believe that?! What would life be without the Atonement of Christ! I do not like to think about that and that is why I am here to help people come to know this magnificent truth! and That is why faith is the first principle of the Gospel. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Because without it we really have nothing. And more with this... We can only do as much as we can do and then we have to let the Lord do His part. And if we really are trying to do all that we can to achieve a goal but if it does not happen for some reason, then the Lord knows why and we continue working with all we have got. That is really all we can do right? So I learned a little more this week to trust a little more in the Lord. He knows what is best. 

Well I have got to go!! Love you all tons!! Que tengan una bonita semana!!! 
LOVE Hermana Taylor

Happy Holidays!


Well my family, hello!! There is not much to tell this week except that we had a beautiful baptism of a little girl. Her whole family came and it was neat. And her mom who was inactive now has a lot of desires to return to church which is just awesome! 

Well I have to go! Love you all so much!
Hermana Taylor

Keep moving forward!


Merry Merry Christmas Family!!!!!!!! 

This week was a little crazy but we did it! We had a Christmas Dinner with my mission Presidente George. He read Isaias 53 that talks beautifully about Jesucristo. I encourage you all to read it. It was really awesome. We also had to perfom a talent but being in the mission you do not have that much time to prepare and so guess what idea came to my head... remember the talent show a few years back at Diane`s when the Austins took a sheet and put little people bodies on it and then stuck their heads through?? Well that is what my district did!! My companion Hna AvendaƱo and I were working handstitching santa clause mrs clause and two elves the whole week when we could find the time. It was quite hilarious! 
Something that I learned this week that was really quite awesome for me was while I was reading in Ether when the brother of Jared and the family and friends were traveling to the promised land. The Lord literally pushed them forward with the waves and wind so that they could make it to the promise land. And do you know what I learned?! It does not matter that much what we did yesterday - God wants us to move forward. He is always wanting us to progress until we make it to the promised land or for us The Celestial Kingdom! Keep moving forward! We are going to have some difficult days but God does not want us to get stuck thinking about them all the time. Thanks to His son Jesus Christ that He sent to the world we can move forward, give all our burdens to Him, and forgive ourselves. Learn from the past and don´t make the same mistakes over and over. God knows we can do it and that is why He always wants us to endure. I love Him!! Well my family I gotta get going but I love you all so much!! 

Love Love Love Love Love you all!!
Hermana Taylor 



Hello family!!!! 

This week was really good! I got a new companion hna AvendaƱo. This is her final tranfer!!! She only has a little bit more than one month in the mission! We are going to enjoy so much this final cambio!! 
This week was really good. We are finding more people to teach that are reallly progressing. And I am almost out of time. But I just love you all so much!! I hope you are just loving the christmas season. 
And something really quick that I learned this morning in my study. I started ether and it talks about the brother of jared and how jared asked his brother in this chapter 3 or 4 times to pray to God for the things that they needed. And I just liked that we can always always pray to God about anything. And the last verse in this chapter says that God answered all that the brother of jared wanted because he continually asked for a long time. so We should always keep praying and and praying so that God will answer us. Always! 

Love you all tons!!!
Hermana Taylor 

He Is The Gift


Hi! I do not have anytime to write today! We have transfers and my companion is leaving. Karlie shared this webiste with you and I hope each of you can see the video and share it with others. It is so awesome! He is the gift! and we can accept the gift every day of our lives. What a wonderful blessing! I will have more for next week! Love you all tons!!!!!
Hermana Taylor

Such a cool thing!


Hola Fam!!!

This week was really good! We had a baptism this week of two young girlies, They are so cute]!! It was really special. We have been working adn working and working with their family and it is amazing to see the changes.Their dad did not really want to give the permission but we kept working with him and explaining and now he is wanting to progress too. such a cool thing! And like Karlies letter said about humility. It is soooooooo important if you want to progress. Always just remember that you can always improve and that nothing is little in the sight of the Lord. He just wants us to be better and reach our potencial. 
And well I am just happy to be here. Si, sometimes it is hard, but we just keep working for miracles. Because the power of the atonement is real and people can change, sometimes they just do not know how to. 
Well I love you tons family!!! Keep enjoying every blessing God gives you and share it with others. There is always someone around us that we can make a little happier! Adios!!

hermana Taylor


The Gospel is True


Well my dear family!! 

This week was great! We were able to work a lot! I was really tired last night and slept like a baby. It just seems like everyday I love even more that the gospel is true. Yesterday we visited a family that has had a lot of challenges. And the dad, his name is jorge, was one of the biggest. Before I got here he did not like the missionaries very much. And now he is listening to us and told us yesterday that he does believe that our message is true. Claro que si!!! The Lord has gratefully touched his heart and I am just so grateful to see this miracle. we still have a lot of work to do but it is the happiest work that I think anyone could ever be doing. Teaching people about a loving God who has a plan, a perfect plan, for all of His children and that His son is perfect and chose to suffer and die for us so that we would never have to be alone. I just love it!!

I just love you all! I hope your week is fantastic!!! Enjoy so much thanksgiving!
Hermana Taylor

Full of miracles!


Hi family!!! 
This week was really great!!! We had two baptisms!! They are just precious!!! I am so happy for them!! It truly is one of the greatest blessings to be able to see the changes people can make and are willing to make to accept Christ and become a little better! They were golden and just have so much faith and willingness to follow the Lord. I just loved it!! It was so special and tender just to see them enter the waters of baptism! 
Also the timing of God is perfect. because yesterday a member invited her neighbor to church. The second hour we talked about the word of wisdom. And after church we went to visit him in his house and he told us that he really liked the class and asked for the pamphlet that we have about the word of wisdom because he told us he has a problem with it and would like to get rid of this problem so that he can be totally good with God. Do you know we only hit that topic one time during the year? And that is the first time that he came to church! Kind of awesome! God really does know exactly what we need and when we need it. And so we are really excited to work with him. 
Well that is all for this week! I love you all so much! I hope your week is fantastic!! And full of miracles! Look for them because they are always there! Hasta luego!

Hermana Taylor