Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Holy Ghost


Hi family! 

Well this week it was a little rainy, but more than that hot, but more than that was the awesome lighting!!!!!!! I just wanted to stand outside and take pictures. But literally lit up the whole sky with like 15 rays of lightning. Oh also this week I had the opportunity to eat armadillo. What! I did not know you could eat those! It just tasted like pork, but hey, how many people can say they have eaten armidillo? oh and wild boar. yum!
Well we are working with a few investigators that can be baptized really soon. Just need a little bit of work. But wow, the Lord really is in the small things. For example, yesterday we invited one of our investigators Arturo to church, but he told us that he could not because he is taking care of his grandparents, but there might be a slight chance. Anyways yesterday we left the house running for church and guess what! I forgot my badge, my name and so we had to run back to the house and church was almost about to start. But when we left again (now with my nametag) Arturo appeared behind us on his bike and followed us all the way to church so we practically pushed him through the doors and he stayed for a little bit. Which is a great improvement! And He really liked it and to think if we had not been in that street where he passed us he would not have made it to church. I was grateful for it. And it happened because I forgot my name tag. The Lord works in mysterious ways! But His plan is perfect so it is just great!
Also I have been studying about the Holy Ghost this week. And it has been so cool to learn more! Something that I learned is that whenever we have had the desire to do something good or to follow Christ it is because the spirit has touched our hearts. ALL good things happen because of God and He works with us through His spirit. And for this it is essential to be baptized and confirmed so that we can have this personal guide for our whole lives until we make it back home to Heavenly Father. How great is the plan of our God!? It is the best plan hands down, no competition.

Have a fantastic week!
Hermana Taylor

The Circus is Coming to Town


Hi Fam!

And I wrote that the circus is coming to town because on thursday we left our house to go to the church for a zone meeting and guess what passedmein the street! A giant trailer with monkeys and baboons and then another one with a camel and a GIANT hippo!! What! That has never happened to me before. It was pretty sweet. Oh and the animals really are part of the circus.
We had a few investagators in church yesterday and it makes me happy. Also those that have recently been baptized. They make me so happy! They are such great examples of faith and pressing forward! Oh! And something that I have come to realize even more here in the mission is that happiness is a choice! Wow sometimes i believe we do not like to hear this because our situation is a little annoying, bad, stressful, whatever word you would like to use and we just want to complain a little and blame it on our circumstance. BUT my family that is not the answer. We really do have the power to choose in fact that is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. And one way that helps us is if we are grateful, a little more grateful for the simple things that we have in life. Which family we have a lot because we are members of the true church!!! Woohoo! So enjoy I guess is the advice and I am still learning this as well. I believe it is a life long process. But how great. See ya later!

Hermana Taylor



Oh my dear family! 

I have so much to tell you but not a lot of time. So are you ready? here it goes:
Elsa got baptized this week! Woohoo!!!!!! She was such a chosen one. Our district leader told us she was way prepared and of course she was! It´s Elsa! She was so so so so happy and grateful. She was a referral from a young man in he ward named Nefi who is really awesome. And elsa was just so so so grateful for total. She has not had the easiest life and has suffered but is now so aliviated because of the Gospel. Yes it is true and truly can change the lives of totals!! She understands the Gospel amazingly well. She makes my companion and I so happy! 
Also, wow! Yesterday the class in Gospel Principles was awesome! We talked about baptism and had recent converts in there that shared powerful testimonies of the change that has come into their lives because of baptism. It was awesome! because we also had some investigators that are just learning. One of them is Hansel. He told us of his experience with the book of mormon that I want o share with you real fast: he told us his grandma had died and that in one of her boxes of books and things found the book of mormon and in this moment he did not really believe in God or anything and you know what! he opened the book of mormon and the first thing he read was what! Mormon 9:1 which says ´and now I would like to speak to those who do not believe in christ´ or something close to that, but wow! God really does know us individually and the book of mormon has a ton of power. And everyone in the class was just loving it. especially us missionaries. ah! it was awesome! 

Well I gotta go! I hope you have a splendid week! I love you all so much! 
Hermana Taylor

What A Joy!


Well hello my family!!

Well I learned a few things this week that have been in my mind and I would like to share them with you. I had an interview with Presidente George and he is just awesome! Something he helped me realize was that happiness is a choice. LIke the scriptures say men are that they might have JOY! We exist because God wants us to be happy. In all the things we do we can find joy and I believe that sometimes we just forget to look for it. So I hope family that you can find the joy in EVERYTHING that you do. Like my sister training leader, Hermana Tovar, told me this week, we find joy when we serve others with love.
Also! We had a great small miracle. Her name is Elsa and she is going to be baptized this Saturday! We are working hard for this to come to pass. She has been awesome from the time we met her. She is older in her early 60s i think and just awesome. The Lord truly does place people in out path.
That is all for this week! Oh!  I also am more than half way through my mission! What! And one of the greatest things I have learned is that a lot of people just need to be loved and feel like someone cares about them. What a joy it is to bring the Gospel to these people so that they can feel the love of God! Love you tons family!! Have a splendid week!

Hermana Taylor

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Great Blessings of the Gospel



 This week we got to meet President George. He is from Wyoming and owns a dairy farm with 1050 cows.wow! He is tall like me, I do not know if he is taller than me though. didn´t check. He is really awesome and I am excited to be guided by him. Something that he said that is so simple but so true he said, ´if you are not happy or you do not like something about what you are doing, you can change´ wow! and how true that is and how blessed we are to have the atonement in our lives so that we can make those changes. And I LOVE reading the scriptures. They are just filled with goodness and tell us everything that we need to do to be happy in this life and then for eternity! yes!  We have a few people who are progressing really well and understanding the gospel. two of them of Adalberto and Lucia. When we are teaching they always ask questions about the doctrine we are about to explain, for example we were talking about prophets specifically Joseph smith and adalberto said well should not there be someone today that still has this authority and were got really excited and said YES! It makes me happy when people understand the importance and GREAT blessings of the Gospel. Well this is all I have time for. I love you all so much and wish you a fantastic week!  

Hermana Taylor



Oh my dear family! 

Well guess what! I made it to 20 years!! woohoo!! We had a good celebration. Some families from the ward threw me a little party and we ate pizza and cake. Delicious! 
Oh and I need to tell you before I forget that my mission presidente changed! His name is President George and he is from Wyoming. I have not met him yet, but this friday I will have the pleasure.
This week we baptized Julio and Guadalupe! They are so so so great! and I think of them as a birthday gift to me. It truly has been such a blessing to serve them and bring the news of the Gospel to them. They truly are amazing. Guadalupe is the mother of Julio and her husband did not like us teaching her, but she really wanted to be baptized. So we prayed and prayed and prayed and Heavenly Father answered our prayer and her husband is okay with it. Yes!
Well I have to go, but something that stuck out to me in my stuyding today was about repentance. It takes time to truly repent. It also truly changes the way we think to something more heavenly. It truly can change lives! We just have to have the desire to become a little better. And EVERYONE can repent from ANY sin they have committed. Whether it big or small. Because no unclean can enter the kingdom of God, even if it is just a little bit dirty. Well I love you all more than you can ever know!!! 

Hermana Taylor

Holy Donkey!


Holy cow family!!! 
This week was so so hot!!! So hot! sometimes we just sweat and then shower but by the time I get my fresh clothes on I am already sweating. Something that really touched me this week was we were with an investigator, her name is Julia and she is 72 years old and has lived with her 'husband' for more than twenty years but they never married...yet. We were teaching her about the law of chastity and when we finished the lesson she said the prayer and in her prayer she thanked Heavenly Father that we (the misionaries) have come to teach her about things she did not know. And something hit me when she said this. like, wow some people really just do not know. HOW BLESSED WE ARE TO KNOW THE GOSPEL!! I am so thankful for this knowledge in my life and I would not trade anything in the world for it! Also Julia has a donkey. Her name is Maria Isabel and she wanders all over. 
Well I have to go!! I love you all so much and pray for you always! Adios!
Hermana Taylor 

I love the Gospel. I love it so much!!


Well my family I love the Gospel. I love it so much!! This week was really really hot and it also rains almost every afternoon around 4 or 6 in the evening which sometimes we just get wet. We had transfers today but not for me and hermana salazar! We get to stay together for a little while longer. We have a similar sense of humor and so we laugh a lot. She is a really good missionary. 
We are visiting with Yolanda who has 4 children and they are so great!! They want to be baptized but her husband is against it. We have only been teaching them for two weeks or so and she really likes our message. I ask that you could add her in your prayers and that the Lord can touch the heart of her husband so that he may be softened. They are so great. We are on the lookout for more people who are ready for the gospel. We are working hard and will continue to do so so that we can help people find their way to christ. 
I love you all. I know that this is the true Gospel and that the scriptures are true! I love reading them everyday. There is always something new to find and apply to my life. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Well I have to go but have a fantastic week! 
Hermana Taylor