Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Circus is Coming to Town


Hi Fam!

And I wrote that the circus is coming to town because on thursday we left our house to go to the church for a zone meeting and guess what passedmein the street! A giant trailer with monkeys and baboons and then another one with a camel and a GIANT hippo!! What! That has never happened to me before. It was pretty sweet. Oh and the animals really are part of the circus.
We had a few investagators in church yesterday and it makes me happy. Also those that have recently been baptized. They make me so happy! They are such great examples of faith and pressing forward! Oh! And something that I have come to realize even more here in the mission is that happiness is a choice! Wow sometimes i believe we do not like to hear this because our situation is a little annoying, bad, stressful, whatever word you would like to use and we just want to complain a little and blame it on our circumstance. BUT my family that is not the answer. We really do have the power to choose in fact that is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. And one way that helps us is if we are grateful, a little more grateful for the simple things that we have in life. Which family we have a lot because we are members of the true church!!! Woohoo! So enjoy I guess is the advice and I am still learning this as well. I believe it is a life long process. But how great. See ya later!

Hermana Taylor

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