Sunday, August 10, 2014

Great Blessings of the Gospel



 This week we got to meet President George. He is from Wyoming and owns a dairy farm with 1050! He is tall like me, I do not know if he is taller than me though. didn´t check. He is really awesome and I am excited to be guided by him. Something that he said that is so simple but so true he said, ´if you are not happy or you do not like something about what you are doing, you can change´ wow! and how true that is and how blessed we are to have the atonement in our lives so that we can make those changes. And I LOVE reading the scriptures. They are just filled with goodness and tell us everything that we need to do to be happy in this life and then for eternity! yes!  We have a few people who are progressing really well and understanding the gospel. two of them of Adalberto and Lucia. When we are teaching they always ask questions about the doctrine we are about to explain, for example we were talking about prophets specifically Joseph smith and adalberto said well should not there be someone today that still has this authority and were got really excited and said YES! It makes me happy when people understand the importance and GREAT blessings of the Gospel. Well this is all I have time for. I love you all so much and wish you a fantastic week!  

Hermana Taylor

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