Tuesday, August 12, 2014



Oh my dear family! 

I have so much to tell you but not a lot of time. So are you ready? here it goes:
Elsa got baptized this week! Woohoo!!!!!! She was such a chosen one. Our district leader told us she was way prepared and of course she was! It´s Elsa! She was so so so so happy and grateful. She was a referral from a young man in he ward named Nefi who is really awesome. And elsa was just so so so grateful for total. She has not had the easiest life and has suffered but is now so aliviated because of the Gospel. Yes it is true and truly can change the lives of totals!! She understands the Gospel amazingly well. She makes my companion and I so happy! 
Also, wow! Yesterday the class in Gospel Principles was awesome! We talked about baptism and had recent converts in there that shared powerful testimonies of the change that has come into their lives because of baptism. It was awesome! because we also had some investigators that are just learning. One of them is Hansel. He told us of his experience with the book of mormon that I want o share with you real fast: he told us his grandma had died and that in one of her boxes of books and things found the book of mormon and in this moment he did not really believe in God or anything and you know what! he opened the book of mormon and the first thing he read was what! Mormon 9:1 which says ´and now I would like to speak to those who do not believe in christ´ or something close to that, but wow! God really does know us individually and the book of mormon has a ton of power. And everyone in the class was just loving it. especially us missionaries. ah! it was awesome! 

Well I gotta go! I hope you have a splendid week! I love you all so much! 
Hermana Taylor

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