Sunday, August 10, 2014

I love the Gospel. I love it so much!!


Well my family I love the Gospel. I love it so much!! This week was really really hot and it also rains almost every afternoon around 4 or 6 in the evening which sometimes we just get wet. We had transfers today but not for me and hermana salazar! We get to stay together for a little while longer. We have a similar sense of humor and so we laugh a lot. She is a really good missionary. 
We are visiting with Yolanda who has 4 children and they are so great!! They want to be baptized but her husband is against it. We have only been teaching them for two weeks or so and she really likes our message. I ask that you could add her in your prayers and that the Lord can touch the heart of her husband so that he may be softened. They are so great. We are on the lookout for more people who are ready for the gospel. We are working hard and will continue to do so so that we can help people find their way to christ. 
I love you all. I know that this is the true Gospel and that the scriptures are true! I love reading them everyday. There is always something new to find and apply to my life. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Well I have to go but have a fantastic week! 
Hermana Taylor

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