Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/20/14 God is in the details of our lives

Familia!!!! Mi querido Familia!!!

I have a cool experience that happened to me and my companion yesterday. We went to go talk with one of our investigators and......he wasn´t home. But we saw a man walking across the street, quite purposefully, and we literally ran after him and introduced ourselves as missionaries and he said to me `you speak english? and I said si. He said my woman knows english. So we followed him to his house just around the corner and met his girlfriend. Her name is Dina. She lives in Arizona and came to tuxtla to see her boyfriend and is hoping to leave next week back to Arizona. We started talking and me in English because Dina wanted to practice English with me. I had a hard time right at the beginning and was speaking spanglish. But that ended really fast and I taught Dina about the Gospel. I said what do you know about Mormons and she said You don´t drink coffee. So then I was able to explain the word of wisdom and she also asked about tithing and she thought that we gave tithing to our church leaders to pay them for their service, but I explained that this is not so. And then we talked about the Book of Mormon. 

It was so cool family!!!!!! She is very interested in knowing what God wants for her. She said she will will read the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets about the word of wisdom and tithing. She always said she prays everyday and night. We are going to visit with her again tomorrow and hopefully again before she leaves. It was just so cool. She said she would be willing to change her life if that is what God wanted her to do. I am so grateful that I was given this experience. Simply just beautiful. God is in the details of our lives. Always and forever.

Today we were able to do something fun for Pday! Well we went to a plant place. It was interesting - I didn´t really understand much because it was in Spanish - but I enjoyed just taking it slow.  I have to go! Love you sosoosososososossooooooo much!!

Hermana Taylor

Wowzers! 1/17/14

Hola Familia!! 

First, I just love you all sooooooooooo so so so so much!! 

Second, We had cambios or transfers today and Mi companion and I are staying put. And yesterday guess what! I completed 4 months in my mission! 

Third, we had stake conference yesterday and I was able to understand a lot of it.There were so many people there. They had people seated one foot away from the pulpit and more on the stand because it was so crowded. They had to add seats while the talks were going on. This stake is just so focused on missionary work. Almost everything said is reach out to those who are less active or to your other friends and call the missionaries. Truly the work of salvation is the motivation for this area - the whole theme of the conference. The General Authority presiding Elder Rafael Apino - said something that I want to share with you. 1. Never, never, never, never, never think that God does not love you. He said this I think 5 times. My family always remember that God is there. 

I love you all so much! Well gotta go! 

1/13/14 Follow the Spirit

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hola! One whole transfer! What!: January 6, 2014

Mi Querido Familia!

It is crazy to believe I have served 6 full weeks here in Mexico. So crazy. It was a hard one for sure, but I am excited to learn more this second transfer (which by the way I am staying put) way better with a little more faith and trust in the Lord.  
Something that I loved this morning in my personal study: In 1 Nephi 15:8 it says 'have ye inquired of the Lord?' This sentence is so simple yet so profound. Jess you kinda talked about this in your email to me today. Sometimes we just forget or don´t think to ask God for some extra help or guidance or comfort or whatever we need. He is the source of all wisdom and power beyond any comprehension and knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows exactly how to comfort us and just what we need. It is so simple and I really just love it.
This week was good. We are still looking for more investigators and we have found some that are really interested. I know for certain that the Lord is in the details of everything! It is really interesting how we find people sometimes. For example, we helped this old man carry some heavy bags to his house and it was on this road we propbably would have never found and then we talked to this young man who lived on that road and he seems to be very interested in our message and we would not have found him if we did not decide to help the old man. And there were events even before that that lead us there. It really is just amazing. Well that is all I have time for this week! I love you all so much and wish everyone the best with school and work and enjoying every single day of life. 
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Hermana Taylor

Where did 2013 go!?: December 30, 2013

Feliz Navidad!!: December 23, 2013

Que Bueno!: December 16, 2013

Friday, January 3, 2014

Second Week

Hola Familia! 

So one of the people I met this week name is Hector has been to Utah and has mormon friends in utah. He spoke English and we didn´t have a lot of time then, but he invited us to come talk to him anytime! It made me really happy. 

My companion and I end up running a lot to different places. It is kind of sketchy since the roads are not that great but I enjoy it. 

Oh! and I have 3 new families and 3 new moms here in Mexico. Members of the ward have adopted me. :) The People here are so loving and so awesome! and so willing to listen and help out. It is truly a miracle! 

This week was hard, but great! We had a baptism on Saturday. Hermana Carmen. She also got married the same day. It was a crazy and beautiful night. It was crazy because my companion and I were running around getting investigators and members to come to the baptism - literally running. 

We are still getting accustomed to the area so we spend a lot of time walking around trying to find houses. But in one day while we were looking for addresses we found 8 new people to share the Gospel with! It was really cool. Some of them spoke a little English which is always fun for me. 

I am sorry I don´t have anymore time. but know that I am doing well and I love you all so much! 

Love Hermana Taylor

Holy Moly

¡Hola Familia! 
There is so much to say, but i don´t really know how much time I have. All the plane rides went well. we really had no idea what was going on in Mexico but we made it! Presidente Cardenas and his wife and assistants all met us at the airport. okay so here is my week really fast: 

The first few nights i stayed with hermana davidson (the blond from the mtc) and her new companion with mine as well. it was nice to have h.davidson with me the first few nights. so tuesday we had kinda an orientation with the mission president and assistants and got our new companions. mine is Hermana Reyes and as you will see in the picture is tiny! she does not know english and i don´t know spanish so it is fun. we got assigned to a place called juarez it is a smaller part of the city Tuxtla Gutierrez - which is huge, by the way.  - our area for us is Juarez 2. they split the area of the elders in the picture. so i am in the city. so the first few days here were spent meeting members, inactive members, and investigators with the elders. they are practically my companions too. 
 We also had to look for a new house, which we are still buying things for. i forgot to take a picture this morning but the house just has tile floor and it is checkered blue and white. the walls are a light orange and the trimming is royal  blue. i like it. we cleaned it really well and i have only seen one big bug and a little lizard quija. it is just for me and my companion so it´s good. she is really nice and from Mexico. Elder Monson the other white person is from South Jordan and Elder Sanchez is from Guatemala. 
So yeah, that is pretty much it. the elders showed us around the area and i just follow and try to understand. here is what i learned this week:

I now know why faith is the FIRST principle of the gospel because without out it you literally have nothing. I really do not understand almost anything. i will keep trying but i just follow my companion and bear my testimony. I have faith in my companion and the elders and I have faith that the language will come. I have faith that Christ will help me understand.  

Thank you so much for all the emails!!  Love you all so so so so so much!

Love Hermana Taylor