Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/20/14 God is in the details of our lives

Familia!!!! Mi querido Familia!!!

I have a cool experience that happened to me and my companion yesterday. We went to go talk with one of our investigators and......he wasn´t home. But we saw a man walking across the street, quite purposefully, and we literally ran after him and introduced ourselves as missionaries and he said to me `you speak english? and I said si. He said my woman knows english. So we followed him to his house just around the corner and met his girlfriend. Her name is Dina. She lives in Arizona and came to tuxtla to see her boyfriend and is hoping to leave next week back to Arizona. We started talking and me in English because Dina wanted to practice English with me. I had a hard time right at the beginning and was speaking spanglish. But that ended really fast and I taught Dina about the Gospel. I said what do you know about Mormons and she said You don´t drink coffee. So then I was able to explain the word of wisdom and she also asked about tithing and she thought that we gave tithing to our church leaders to pay them for their service, but I explained that this is not so. And then we talked about the Book of Mormon. 

It was so cool family!!!!!! She is very interested in knowing what God wants for her. She said she will will read the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets about the word of wisdom and tithing. She always said she prays everyday and night. We are going to visit with her again tomorrow and hopefully again before she leaves. It was just so cool. She said she would be willing to change her life if that is what God wanted her to do. I am so grateful that I was given this experience. Simply just beautiful. God is in the details of our lives. Always and forever.

Today we were able to do something fun for Pday! Well we went to a plant place. It was interesting - I didn´t really understand much because it was in Spanish - but I enjoyed just taking it slow.  I have to go! Love you sosoosososososossooooooo much!!

Hermana Taylor

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