Friday, January 3, 2014

Second Week

Hola Familia! 

So one of the people I met this week name is Hector has been to Utah and has mormon friends in utah. He spoke English and we didn´t have a lot of time then, but he invited us to come talk to him anytime! It made me really happy. 

My companion and I end up running a lot to different places. It is kind of sketchy since the roads are not that great but I enjoy it. 

Oh! and I have 3 new families and 3 new moms here in Mexico. Members of the ward have adopted me. :) The People here are so loving and so awesome! and so willing to listen and help out. It is truly a miracle! 

This week was hard, but great! We had a baptism on Saturday. Hermana Carmen. She also got married the same day. It was a crazy and beautiful night. It was crazy because my companion and I were running around getting investigators and members to come to the baptism - literally running. 

We are still getting accustomed to the area so we spend a lot of time walking around trying to find houses. But in one day while we were looking for addresses we found 8 new people to share the Gospel with! It was really cool. Some of them spoke a little English which is always fun for me. 

I am sorry I don´t have anymore time. but know that I am doing well and I love you all so much! 

Love Hermana Taylor

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