Friday, January 3, 2014

Holy Moly

¡Hola Familia! 
There is so much to say, but i don´t really know how much time I have. All the plane rides went well. we really had no idea what was going on in Mexico but we made it! Presidente Cardenas and his wife and assistants all met us at the airport. okay so here is my week really fast: 

The first few nights i stayed with hermana davidson (the blond from the mtc) and her new companion with mine as well. it was nice to have h.davidson with me the first few nights. so tuesday we had kinda an orientation with the mission president and assistants and got our new companions. mine is Hermana Reyes and as you will see in the picture is tiny! she does not know english and i don´t know spanish so it is fun. we got assigned to a place called juarez it is a smaller part of the city Tuxtla Gutierrez - which is huge, by the way.  - our area for us is Juarez 2. they split the area of the elders in the picture. so i am in the city. so the first few days here were spent meeting members, inactive members, and investigators with the elders. they are practically my companions too. 
 We also had to look for a new house, which we are still buying things for. i forgot to take a picture this morning but the house just has tile floor and it is checkered blue and white. the walls are a light orange and the trimming is royal  blue. i like it. we cleaned it really well and i have only seen one big bug and a little lizard quija. it is just for me and my companion so it´s good. she is really nice and from Mexico. Elder Monson the other white person is from South Jordan and Elder Sanchez is from Guatemala. 
So yeah, that is pretty much it. the elders showed us around the area and i just follow and try to understand. here is what i learned this week:

I now know why faith is the FIRST principle of the gospel because without out it you literally have nothing. I really do not understand almost anything. i will keep trying but i just follow my companion and bear my testimony. I have faith in my companion and the elders and I have faith that the language will come. I have faith that Christ will help me understand.  

Thank you so much for all the emails!!  Love you all so so so so so much!

Love Hermana Taylor

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