Tuesday, November 11, 2014



Hi Fam!! 

I do not have anytime to write you all. But thanks for your letters. It makes me so happy that you are all so well and enjoying the blessings of the Gospel!! They are awesome!! Some things that I learned this week really quick: God always puts us in the place that He needs us. There is always a reason for it. And part of humility is accepting the assignment and having faith that Christ will help you. He always knows better!

Also, cold bucket showers are way worse than cold normal showers because you have to deliberately pour the cold water on yourself!! haha makes me laugh!

Love you all tons!!
Hermana Taylor

God Truly is Aware of Us


Wow!! sounds like halloween was a blast!!!  Well pueblo means really really small town that really does not have anything, stores, banks, nada and everyone is family and knows everyone else. I was in a pueblo but now I am in a grand city. So I am getting used to the city again.  I really enjoyed my first week here. Hermana Rocha and I were able to see a few miracles. One of them was with a woman that we contacted in the street. She was sitting on a rock staring at the ground and we stopped to talk to her. She told us that she was waiting for work because she did not have food for her kids and someone was supposed to come and pay her. She was really worried. We asked her where she lived and set up a time later that day to go see her. Before we went to see her again we stopped at the house of Irma who is a miracle in herself. Super awesome and loves the gospel. When we were about to leave her house Irma gave us a bunch of milk and granola and dried fruit so that we could have something to eat while we walked in the street. super nice. so we took the bag and I said to my companion, do you know where we are headed? to the house of this woman that we contacted her name is margarita. And what did we have in our hands? leche o milk and snacks. And I just thought how wonderful is the Lord. He truly is aware of us. Cada uno. So we found her house and she was not home but her kids were and we were able to give them this bag of leche and snacks. It was a small miracle and it just amazes me how the Lord works! He truly is wonderful. I love the Gospel!! It really changes lives for the better and I love people who are humble enough to accept there weaknesses and rely on the Lord. It is awesome!! They are all such great examples to me. It was a good week. Well I love you all tons!! I hope it is not getting too cold up there!! I cannot believe it is already november. It still feels like the middle of summer here. The sun is so strong! Well love you all!! Have a fabulous week!!

Hermana Taylor 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Exciting things are happening!


Well hello there family!!!

I do not have any time to write. I am only writing to let you know that I am totally good. What happened was that I had tranfers and i left the beautiful pueblito and now I am with hermana Rocha! And you know what else! They have assigned me to be a sister training leader! I am a little bit very surprised but we will see what the Lord has in store. Well I love you all tons!! Hope all is well!

Love Hermana Taylor

Rain, Rain...


Hello Family!!

 Wow this week was a little crazy. We had divisions and I left the area and hna borbor stayed and we had to prepare for 2 baptisms and hermana borbor was a little bit stressed out, but guess what! She did it! We had two baptism this week of our sweet little brother Alberto who is 9 years old and just golden. And it is a miracle that he could be baptized because his mom is super catholic but super awesome and told us if he wants to be baptized in the true church adalante. And my companion invited her to come to the baptism she said I want to make myself clear, I will go of course to support my son but I am catholic. great!! That is perfect. She is awesome. ANd Adela. Por fin!! She has listened to the missionaries for a long time and she is just great!! Golden! It was a great day. It also started raining on saturday and guess what! It is still raining. It has not stopped! So instead of being drenched in sweat we are drenched with water. A nice change after lots of months of sweating nonstop. 
And something that I am learning a lot here in the mission is that it is the will of the Lord that will bring about the most miracles and blessings, even if in the moment we cannot see them. But I encourage you all to always keep looking! 

I love you all sooo much! 
Hermana Taylor

fotos of the baptism y hermna borbor y yo! 

Beautiful World!


Hi fam!!

Well this last week went well. We have some investigators that are progressing really well. One of them is Alberto. He is nine years old and makes me so happy!! I love meeting with him. He is just great! And so smart! We should all be just like those niƱos, so willing to learn and with such a grand desire to follow the Lord. 
Well, this week I complete ONE YEAR in the mission!! Can you believe it!!! wow it has been the hardest year of my life so far. But I have learned SO much and I would not trade this experience for any other. I have come to appreciate the gospel in such a way that i do not know how to describe it in words. Amazed! It is really such a grand opportunity to share this good news with people who do not know. And in Spanish?! who knew?! 
Well I just love you all so much!! Keep doing what is right because you know you should. And enjoy every moment!! See you in 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Taylor

Double Rainbow