Thursday, March 27, 2014

And Wow! 3/24/14

Hola Familia!

Guess what! We had baptisms this week!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hermana Yuri, and Hermana Lidia. The service was really neat and we actually had quite a lot of people there. But let me tell you something, getting ready for a baptism is crazy!!! And with the sun being so hot and us running around. Ya it is crazy. I want to tell you a little more about Lidia and testify by small and simple things are great things brought to pass because the reason we began teaching Lidia is because one day we were in a little shop and I asked her how tall she was and we began talking and asked if we could visit her again. And wow! She was so ready for the Gospel! She accepted everything and loves all of it and had no problem changing anything for example we told her that it is commandment not to drink coffee and she said okay I am not going to drink it anymore. And she just accepted everything and is quite the example of faith. I am truly grateful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity I have had to help Lidia find the Gospel. 
Thank you so much for your emails and prayers. I definately need them. Well I love you all!! You mean absolutely everything to me! 

hermana Taylor

The Hand of God 3/17/14


Thank you so much for all the emails and advice and encouragement. This week was better and I would like to tell you of an experience that I had. My companion and I were walking down a really busy street and this man called out to us are you mormons? And we told him yes, we stepped into the shade because the sun is so powerful here. It is really hot, anyways we stepped into the shade and he told us about some of the trials he has had and that he is looking for the truth. My companion and I wrote down his number and we are going to begin visiting him. But wow! This was a real blessing for me. He is really excited and right now we have a few investigators that are really interested in our message. It makes me happy. 
I pray everyday, family, that I can see the hand of God in my life and that He will help me recognize it. And then I look for it!! Something that I have learned in these 5 months of my mission (Yeah, yesterday I completed 5 MONTHS!!!!!!!! Crazy!) Prayer is and action word. It is not only ask God for things and wait. It is ask God and then go and do all you can to help God answer your prayers. Sometimes I have found myself waiting, but no, we receive blessings when we work. 

Love you all! More than you can even imagine!!!!! 
Hermana Taylor 

Luke 1:37 For With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible



I don{t have any time really at all. I hope all is well! I am doing fine. Just working working. I have come to love this scripture... Luke 1:37.

Love you all! 
hermana Taylor 

SO HOT! 3/3/14

hola familia!

I do not have a lot of time to write. But thanking you for writing me! Today we got to go to the canyon with all the missionaries in the city of Tuxtla. It was so pretty! And I saw hermana oliphant my companion in the MTC. It was a happy day. We then went to a park after and played basketball and volleyball. It was so fun and SO HOT. So that was today. 
Something I learned, well still learning, is about prayer and repentance and how those two coincide. We can talk to God and tell Him that we want to do better and ask forgiveness for the things we have done wrong. And seek to do better and the great thing is He will help us. We just need to talk to Him and do our part as well. 

Love you all so much! 
Hermana Taylor 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hola Familia! 2/24/14

Well hello!

This week was good.We had 2 investigators with us at church yesterday. One of them is yuri and we have been meeting with her since the beginning of January and she was not really interested and now she is coming to church with us!! The Lord is changing her heart. Our other friend is Lidia. She is so excited about the Gospel and just soaking up every bit of it. She is very outgoing and answering lots of questions in our sunday school classes. She really liked church yesterday. It was her first time. So we are so excited for these to and we are going to work very hard with them so they can be baptized in March! 

So I have a story for you this week. They are doing tons of construction of the streets here and the street in front of our house does not even exist anymore. there is about a 4 foot drop from the sidewalk to the supposed street. because of the construction they cut off our water. Do you know what it means when they cut off the water? It means you have no water to flush the toilet, to wash your hand, to wash the dishes, to clean the house, or to SHOWER. And it being, I believe 90 degrees or more here and walking all day I would like to shower because when you are really sweaty you begin to stink. Well I could not shower for 3 days! My companion and I were dying, but it is kind of funny. Luckily we have a second house here, of Familia Alvarez and they let us wash our clothes and use their shower. Thank goodness for them! We are getting more water today - i do not really know how to explain how we get more water - but we are getting more water! Hopefully it lasts for awhile. 

And in my studies this week in 2 Nephi 2:9 it says something like this -  and all those who believe in Christ shall be saved. And I asked myself - What does it mean - to believe in Christ? - And how should I act or how do I want to act because of this belief? 

Love you all! Hermana Taylor 

Hola! 2/10/14

Hola Familia! 

For this week - we have been working with Itzel. She told us that she would be baptized this saturday if she received an answer. So we fasted with her yesterday and her boyfriend Erik for her to receive an answer this week in order to be baptized this saturday. We are praying for a miracle. WE will see what the Lord has in store. That´s about all for this week! Love you all so much!! 
Hermana Taylor

This is my district right now. 

Be of Good Cheer 2/3/14

Hola Familia! 
We had investigators at church yesterday!! One it was his first time ever with anything of our church and he liked it. His name is Juan and we haven't even taught him a lesson yet, just invited him to church and he came! So that was good.   

Something I learned this week from 2 Nefi 10:23 - it says be of good cheer and choose for yourselves whether to obtain death or hell or eternal life. Something to that effect. In thinking about this - I want eternal life with my family. I believe once we make this decision and remember that this is our ultimate goal all the other decisions we make are easier. I also learned this from a devotional in the MTC. A general authority told us to choose to inherit the celestial kingdom and then all the other decisions are easier to make. 

I love you all my family!! Thank you so much for you letters! They mean SO much!! Adios!
Hermana Taylor

I am trying to be like Jesus 1/27/14

Hola Familia! 
I will for sure be praying for him and the brewers. Thank goodness for this Gospel.  
I have a story for you this week. There is this one street that my companion and I walk almost everyday and this week when we were walking Someone called out to us from one of the houses and my companion practically ran to him because we are trying to talk to as many people as we can about the Gospel. Entonces, we met Sergio. He is 28 years old and reminds me a lot of Jeff Brewer. I don´t really know why, he just does. He told us that about a year ago he met elders and received a Book of Mormon, but I guess the Elders never came back or something like that. So anyways, he is very interested in the Gospel and we have been teaching him this week and he is understanding everything and really likes the Gospel. He is very enthusiastic and came to church with us yesterday for all three hours which is a big accomplishment to have an investigator attend church with us for all three hours. And he liked it. So Sergio makes me really happy. He has accepted to be baptized on March 1, but we are going to ask permission to baptize him sooner because he is so ready for the Gospel. So that is very exciting.  
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Something that really impressed me in my personal study this week was the phrase, - I am trying to be like Jesus - it is because I was studying the attributes of Christ and I thought to myself how my actions and attitude would change if I just remembered this simple phrase throughout the day. Because this is the ultimate goal for all of us - to become like Jesus and do as He would do. Love you all! 
Hermana Taylor