Thursday, March 6, 2014

Be of Good Cheer 2/3/14

Hola Familia! 
We had investigators at church yesterday!! One it was his first time ever with anything of our church and he liked it. His name is Juan and we haven't even taught him a lesson yet, just invited him to church and he came! So that was good.   

Something I learned this week from 2 Nefi 10:23 - it says be of good cheer and choose for yourselves whether to obtain death or hell or eternal life. Something to that effect. In thinking about this - I want eternal life with my family. I believe once we make this decision and remember that this is our ultimate goal all the other decisions we make are easier. I also learned this from a devotional in the MTC. A general authority told us to choose to inherit the celestial kingdom and then all the other decisions are easier to make. 

I love you all my family!! Thank you so much for you letters! They mean SO much!! Adios!
Hermana Taylor

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