Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hola Familia! 2/24/14

Well hello!

This week was good.We had 2 investigators with us at church yesterday. One of them is yuri and we have been meeting with her since the beginning of January and she was not really interested and now she is coming to church with us!! The Lord is changing her heart. Our other friend is Lidia. She is so excited about the Gospel and just soaking up every bit of it. She is very outgoing and answering lots of questions in our sunday school classes. She really liked church yesterday. It was her first time. So we are so excited for these to and we are going to work very hard with them so they can be baptized in March! 

So I have a story for you this week. They are doing tons of construction of the streets here and the street in front of our house does not even exist anymore. there is about a 4 foot drop from the sidewalk to the supposed street. because of the construction they cut off our water. Do you know what it means when they cut off the water? It means you have no water to flush the toilet, to wash your hand, to wash the dishes, to clean the house, or to SHOWER. And it being, I believe 90 degrees or more here and walking all day I would like to shower because when you are really sweaty you begin to stink. Well I could not shower for 3 days! My companion and I were dying, but it is kind of funny. Luckily we have a second house here, of Familia Alvarez and they let us wash our clothes and use their shower. Thank goodness for them! We are getting more water today - i do not really know how to explain how we get more water - but we are getting more water! Hopefully it lasts for awhile. 

And in my studies this week in 2 Nephi 2:9 it says something like this -  and all those who believe in Christ shall be saved. And I asked myself - What does it mean - to believe in Christ? - And how should I act or how do I want to act because of this belief? 

Love you all! Hermana Taylor 

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