Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Hand of God 3/17/14


Thank you so much for all the emails and advice and encouragement. This week was better and I would like to tell you of an experience that I had. My companion and I were walking down a really busy street and this man called out to us are you mormons? And we told him yes, we stepped into the shade because the sun is so powerful here. It is really hot, anyways we stepped into the shade and he told us about some of the trials he has had and that he is looking for the truth. My companion and I wrote down his number and we are going to begin visiting him. But wow! This was a real blessing for me. He is really excited and right now we have a few investigators that are really interested in our message. It makes me happy. 
I pray everyday, family, that I can see the hand of God in my life and that He will help me recognize it. And then I look for it!! Something that I have learned in these 5 months of my mission (Yeah, yesterday I completed 5 MONTHS!!!!!!!! Crazy!) Prayer is and action word. It is not only ask God for things and wait. It is ask God and then go and do all you can to help God answer your prayers. Sometimes I have found myself waiting, but no, we receive blessings when we work. 

Love you all! More than you can even imagine!!!!! 
Hermana Taylor 

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