Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Holy Ghost


Hi family! 

Well this week it was a little rainy, but more than that hot, but more than that was the awesome lighting!!!!!!! I just wanted to stand outside and take pictures. But literally lit up the whole sky with like 15 rays of lightning. Oh also this week I had the opportunity to eat armadillo. What! I did not know you could eat those! It just tasted like pork, but hey, how many people can say they have eaten armidillo? oh and wild boar. yum!
Well we are working with a few investigators that can be baptized really soon. Just need a little bit of work. But wow, the Lord really is in the small things. For example, yesterday we invited one of our investigators Arturo to church, but he told us that he could not because he is taking care of his grandparents, but there might be a slight chance. Anyways yesterday we left the house running for church and guess what! I forgot my badge, my name and so we had to run back to the house and church was almost about to start. But when we left again (now with my nametag) Arturo appeared behind us on his bike and followed us all the way to church so we practically pushed him through the doors and he stayed for a little bit. Which is a great improvement! And He really liked it and to think if we had not been in that street where he passed us he would not have made it to church. I was grateful for it. And it happened because I forgot my name tag. The Lord works in mysterious ways! But His plan is perfect so it is just great!
Also I have been studying about the Holy Ghost this week. And it has been so cool to learn more! Something that I learned is that whenever we have had the desire to do something good or to follow Christ it is because the spirit has touched our hearts. ALL good things happen because of God and He works with us through His spirit. And for this it is essential to be baptized and confirmed so that we can have this personal guide for our whole lives until we make it back home to Heavenly Father. How great is the plan of our God!? It is the best plan hands down, no competition.

Have a fantastic week!
Hermana Taylor

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