Monday, January 5, 2015



Hello family!!!! 

This week was really good! I got a new companion hna Avendaño. This is her final tranfer!!! She only has a little bit more than one month in the mission! We are going to enjoy so much this final cambio!! 
This week was really good. We are finding more people to teach that are reallly progressing. And I am almost out of time. But I just love you all so much!! I hope you are just loving the christmas season. 
And something really quick that I learned this morning in my study. I started ether and it talks about the brother of jared and how jared asked his brother in this chapter 3 or 4 times to pray to God for the things that they needed. And I just liked that we can always always pray to God about anything. And the last verse in this chapter says that God answered all that the brother of jared wanted because he continually asked for a long time. so We should always keep praying and and praying so that God will answer us. Always! 

Love you all tons!!!
Hermana Taylor 

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