Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just Keep Walking!


Hi family!!! 

I am writing earlier today because we are going to go to Tuxtla again for a super consejo!!!! All the missionaries that are leaders are gonna go and it should be really awesome. I expect to learn a lot and also have some ideas that will help us become better leaders and help the missionaries that we are charge of more.
Well this week was good. The truth is that we walked a lot. And that is because a lot of people did not have time to receive us in their homes this week or they did not want to. And guess what! It´s okay!! I made up a song, I do not really remember it very well to tell you it but it ended with ´we´ll just keep walking!¨ and well this really is a truth for life. That sometimes things are not going to go as planned and we do not understand why but it is okay. We just keep walking forward and have faith in Christ that all will be well. So my family!! Just keep walking! The promises of the Lord are real and some will come soon and some won´t, but they will come!

And well, I am doing good. I really just like being a missionary. The Gospel has become so clear and so real to me and it just makes me grateful. I love you all so much!!! And I hope this week is just fantastic!!! See ya later!!!

Hermana Taylor :)

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