Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What a wonderful promise!!


Well Hello my family!!!

I do not know if I told you all but we had transfers last week and my new companion is pretty awesome! She is from Mexico. She is hilarious and we spend most of the day laughing. This week was busy with searching for new people who want to hear the Gospel and it is amazing how the Lord has put people in our paths that want to know about the gospel. We just always have to keep searching. And it is kind of funny because lots of people this week were shocked that i could speak spanish and I was like Clearly! I am now mexican because the sun has tanned me up pretty good. 
Well a funny story for this week that happened yesterday. We went to visit a member family and when we got to her house she told us to wait for a second while they restrained their dog so that it would not bug us and while we were waiting outside the door I said to the sister member ´nos gusta comer´ which means ´we like to eat´ when i was trying to say that her dog would like to eat us. And then I realized what I said and said o wait, ´su perro nos gusta comer´ which means ´we like to eat your dog´ and then my companion just started laughing. It was hilarious! And then I gave up trying to explain and just laughed. Sometime spanish justs like to leave. And everytime I think about it I just start laughing. too funny!!
I really love reading the scriptures and I am 1 nefi and it is so important the example that nefi gives us to always ask about revelation that our leaders of the church receive. We can truly know for ourselves and receive personal revelation if we seek diligently. What a wonderful promise!! I know that it is true.

Well I love you so much and I have to go!! Have a fantastic week!!! Adios!
Hermana Taylor

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