Sunday, March 1, 2015

It Truly is Just Fantastic, the Gospel.


Hello family!!! 

Well this week was good. We have one investigator. He is 13 years old and just a gem!! He really likes the church and he is just so willing to learn and my companion asked if he would like to serve a mission one day and he said yes but that he is a little scared. I would be too if I had just gone to church twice!! But he is great!!! And we are just searching like crazy for people who are going to receive our message. It truly is just fantastic, the gospel. I just love it and I love sharing it! 

I was reading today in 2 nefi 9 and it is just awesome. That thanks to our savior Jesus Christ we do not have to be miserable like the devil. If it weren't for Christ that would happen. But no!! He came!! And He will come again!! and we have the promise of never ending happiness if we accept Him into our lives!! And it is just awesome.' I know He lives!! And I will follow faithfully. My heart I'll give to Him. I know that my Father loves me.!!'
It is just so true!!!! And well, that is about all for this week. 

Oh! we had a mission activity with out presidente and we went to see some ruins and play sports and we watched meet the mormons!!! I loved it and casi casi cried! ha. It was great. Also we had a service project where we cleaned up a park. It was super hot but super good. And well those are the pictures. And also one of my companion and I eating lunch today. Delicious!! Love you all tons!!! 

Hermana Taylor

and do not worry, machetes here are allowed to be carried around like nothing. They clean up good. 

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