Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Yes, you can do it!"


Hi family!!! 

I am just so happy for all your letters!!! Thanks a bunch!! They are always so helpful!! 
And well this week went well! We were able to help a lot of people who are converts to the Gospel and I love working with them!! They have such a love and gratitude for the Gospel and are not afraid to share it!! And also we have been helping a family that has not gone to church for a while and they came yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really happy. Sometimes we just need to have someone reach out to us and say that 'yes you can do it'! That is probably one of the best phrases you could say to someone. I personally love it!! 
And I know God answers prayer. He is always there and ready to help us. 
And that is about it for this week family!! ! Love you all so much!! And we´ll see ya soon!!
Hermana Taylor

p.s.s I got a package from november 4th! And so my companion and I are enjoying a thanksgiving dinner this week. Chiapa de Corzo!! and do you remember my first companion!? Well I got to go to her sealing last Saturday in the temple here. Ya, she just got married!! It was really neat! 

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