Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wow...That was just awesome!


Hi fam!! 

And well this will be really brief because...I have been transfered!! Adios Tapachula!! Ya I am returning to Tuxtla for my last transfer. We will see what adventures are in store! 
And well this week, super fast, we got to meet Elder Oaks! He came to the mission and we had a meeting just for the missionaries. It was super cool!! I shook his hand and he asked me where I was from and that he knew alpine and some taylors. I did not get to talk more because we were in a line. But it was super awesome!! One of the things he talked about was 'begin with the end in mind' which I believe I have talked about before, that the end is the temple and that is the goal for which we are working for with all our investigators. And then Elder Oaks asked us, 'As missionaries, '' the whole place was silent. then he said, ´marriage for time and all eternity.' .... I think the room got even quieter. Not what we expected! But it makes sense. The goal is the temple and that is where we are sealed. So that should be our goal too as missionaries. IT was super great. And he also scolded the elders and said they are only 1/2 a man until they get married. IT was hilarious! 

And well that is all family!! Love you all so much!! Have a fantastic week and Happy Birthday AShley!!! Hope it is just great! Adios!
Hermana TAylor 

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